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Rare Indian wolf reconfirmation in Lehri Wildlife Nature Park, Punjab-Pakistan
(Muhammad Waseem, Wildlife Biologist, WWF-Pakistan and Muhammad Saad, M.Phil student of Wildlife Management, Arid Agriculture university) 

Rare Indian wolf recently confirmed in the Lehri Wildlife Nature Park, Punjab-Pakistan during a personal visit to the area between 6th to 8th January, 2009. According the T.J.Roberts in the salt range, wolves were regularly seen in the 1940’s but have been totally exterminated in that area since the past forty years.  

The author visited the area in the above mentioned dates to get some basic information about the existence of wolf and hyena in the area. A few months back Mr.Nadeem Qureshi, the District Wildlife Officer of the Park shared about the presence of this species in the area. Being a wildlifer we planned a five days trip to the area on personal bases with a friend Mr. Muhammad Saad (who also took it as a research thesis title).  

We try to visit all the potential sites for the wolves and hyena as per the wildlife staff and informers knowledge. We meet with villagers who were settled inside and around the park since centuries. Elders, shepherds, wildlife and forest staff were interviewed and then few areas were identified and visited during the tour period. The names of these villages are; 

Lehri, Drate, Bakra, Mera, Gofa, Dhoke Melu, Budhna, Ratli

We reported the following attacks with the respective dates; 

Mr. Basheer (Lehri),
26/12/08 5, goats, 4-5 wolf, dusk, eyewitness, N 33.16 465, E 73. 57 137 

Mr.Majeed (Lehri)
4/1/09 10, goats, 4-5 wolf, dusk, eye witness, same reading 

Mr. Qasi (Drat),
17/12/08 3, goats, 3-4 wolf, dusk eye witness, N 33.13 494, E 73.566 76 

Mr. Jamil (Gofa),
7/1/09 1, goat 1, sheep & 1, donkey, dawn, N 33.10 274, E 73.537 80 

We find few recent attacks of the animal and collected the evidences of the species presence from the area. Geographical coordinates and other related information was also collected from the area. Photographs were showed to the shape red and other eye witnesses in order to confirm the species identification. The last attack was reported in Tilla Joghian on January 09, 2009. 

Hyena presence couldn’t be confirmed in the area in the recent years.

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